11-Year-Old Acrobat Wendy Waeni BLASTS ‘Thief’ Jalang’o for Refusing to Pay Sh4500

May 16, 2017

A social media storm has been brewing over the last few days pitting acrobat Wendy Waeni against popular radio presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango.

According to the 11-Year-Old performer, Jalas fleeced her Sh4500, an amount he was supposed to pay her for appearing on the show “Jalango with the Money.”

Wendy, through her manager Joe Mwangi, used social media to expose the alleged fleecing and labeled Jalas a thief.

“Jalang’oo when are you paying my Ksh 4,500 that you ran away with when i was still struggling in this industry..??,
Incase you have forgotten Let me just remind you that on that day you almost made us walk from mombasa rd to Huruma.
Hii dunia ni ndogo sana. Before jumping to comment on my posts you would have rem what you did sometimes back…!!” read Waeni’s post.

Responding to the allegations, Mzee Jalas denied ever having such an agreement.

“Rarely do i do this but iam forced to….This is a brilliant young girl with a great future ..her name is @wendywaeni and i think she is 11. On my show Jalango with the money i had a segment called Next on stage…this was a platform to showcase your talent…after hosting her on Radio through his manager they requested that i host them on the show…Which i did…just like i hosted over 100 other celebrities…Sad that today when i asked and commented on her opinion about Eddy kenzo being the ambassador of KTB she got irked and said that i ran away with her money 4500 ? I was like really 4500 for what?
Did we agree on a pay for appearing on a show you begged to be in? Did we even call you for the show? And why 4500? Was there such agreement?”

1. I know its not her that run her account but the manager
2. You have a great future @wendywaeni…dont allow yourself to go this direction of abuse
3. You may want more doors opened for you…dont close the few
4. You are 11 years ..as you climb up dont break the ladder you might need it on your way up.
5. There are people we owe and those that owe us they are still our clients and we are there friends.
6.God bless you in your career and may your dreams come true.”

However, Wendy and her management were relentless in their pursuit of justice and continued to maintain that an agreement was in place.

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Below are some screen grabs of Weani’s posts:

Wendy also had some words for Jalas’ fans who attacked her for the allegations.

So on this streets of Instagram you reminds someone that he ran away with your cash then all of a sudden a group of people starts shouting that “you wont make it”,hehe. I will speak the truth whether you say my manager or whoever is running my account, Lets even say my manager is running my account,Does that justify that HE didnt ran away with my cash..??? Again let me remind someone this ,Brands aren’t brought down by voicing the truth”,, Am where i am because of my God..!!!,not because of a group of people..!!!. My hard work,determination and sweat has made me to be where i am and that can be brought down by me simply Voicing the truth..!!, No matter how you try to bury the Truth it cant change,it will always be the TRUTH..!!

A post shared by H.E Pres Uhuru My Number 1 fan (@wendywaeni) on

Wendy Waeni is a young perfomer who has performed for over 10 Presidents and in more than 130 different countries and in all continents.

Among them is President Uhuru Kenyatta whom she terms as her biggest fan.

She is all set for a tour of England from May 19th, sponsored by Samsung Mobile and Fly Emirates.

Yesterday, she received a new Samsung S8+ Gold courtesy of Samsung.

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