Raw Video: Women Rep Aspirant Throws Tantrum in Vihiga and Blames Uhuru for her Loss

April 28, 2017

In places like Vihiga County -an opposition stronghold – taking a picture with President Uhuru Kenyatta can be costly.

A video has emerged online showing a woman who reportedly made the mistake of posing next to the Head of State.

The video shows an inconsolable woman wailing outside a polling station and throwing herself on the ground while calling President Uhuru’s name.

“Uhuru maskini hatakikani kuonana na wewe….Kuonekana na wewe imeleta shida…Uhuru Kenyatta naomba unisaidie…Uhuru Kenyatta na Ruto nisaidieni…”the woman is heard wailing.

The reason for her tantrum, however, has not been confirmed.

According to some reports, the woman lady was a right-hand woman for Vihiga Governor Reverend Moses Akaranga. The governor allegedly fired her after she took a photo with President Uhuru during his recent tour of Western and Nyanza.

Other sections claim she lost in nominations because she took a photo with President Uhuru.

We cannot independently verify these reports at the moment.

Watch the video:

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