PHOTOS – Sneak Peek at Ringtone’s Sh60 Million 10-Bedroom Mansion

April 6, 2017

He often describes himself as the richest musician in Kenya and he has the assets to back up his claim.

Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko better known as Ringtone does not only ride top of the range cars but also ‘owns’ two prime pieces of property in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs of Karen and Runda.

His mansion in Karen has in the past courted controversy after reports that he was kicked out for defaulting rent payments for two months.

According to reports last year, Ringtone leased the mansion situated on Karen Muiri Gardens on July 01, 2016 at Sh200, 000 per month.

The ‘Tenda Wema’ singer recently spoke to Pulse about the 10 bedroom mansion and gave a sneak peek of the crib.

This property is worth more than Sh60 million which could really be a huge sum for an artiste. Just how did you acquire it?

Ringtone: That is a good question. The owner had actually abandoned this property for years and so by the time I was getting the house, the prize had depreciated. I had to do a lot to bring it to its current state.

How big is the land it stands on?

This is a half an acre.

You are still young and single: How on earth do you use ten bedrooms?

(Laughs): It is rather obvious that I cannot sleep in ten different bedrooms. As you might be aware, I support a number of children homes and so to raise money for that, when I get foreign guests, I allow them to stay over for bed and breakfast and then the proceeds I get from that I put into charity.

What stands out most…for you?

I should say everything stands-out. Every bedroom is different from the other in terms of design and the furniture we have in there.

I have a Jacuzzi in my master bedroom as well as a reading area, which I have also converted into prayer room. The bathtubs are also modern.

We notice that the living room as well as the dining area is colourful. What informed that design aspect?

I have a professional designer who fits everything. Basically, like I have said, you will get a different mood in every room.

Why won’t you use the house for showbiz; like put up a studio or a music school?

This is a home and I live in a residential area where we don’t allow such. The only time I have many visitors coming in is when I am throwing a party for the children I support.

Is this your dream home?

I thank God for this property and I continue to believe him for better. He says in his word; “Ask and you shall be given…seek and you shall find…”

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