Motorist Beware! Thugs Spotted Changing Vehicle Details in Nairobi (PHOTO)

April 6, 2017

Cases of car theft in Kenya and especially in Nairobi are not news anymore. From violent carjackings to the non-violent and mysterious disappearances of vehicles from parking lots like in the 2016 case of a vehicle which was stolen at Sarit Centre.

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The tricks used by these car criminals are extensive and are often challenging to crack even by police, especially when the vehicle’s details have been changed.

One such incident has been caught on camera showing a suspected crook overseeing a change of a vehicle’s number plates.

The photo which has been shared online shows a Toyota fielder with number plates KBH 187P. Atop the vehicle, another plate reading KBH 578L lies next to a screwdriver.

We have not been able to independently verify where the photo was taken or by whom.

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