Kenyans Attack Political Analyst Manyora for Claiming Kabogo Was Rigged Out

April 27, 2017

There’s one thing Kenyans like more than their morning tea, and that is political analysis. Or as I like calling it, conspiracy theory.

With the ongoing political activities in the country, this job of analysing politics has become quite lucrative. Out of nowhere, some recently unknown figures are now regulars on our TV stations.

One of them is Herman Manyora, a Language and Communication lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He is unapologetically pro-opposition, but once in a while finds a balance and makes objective observations.

On Tuesday night when Kiambu results started coming in, it happened that Manyora was in Citizen TV studios. Naturally, he was asked to comment.

He played along with Kabogo’s concession statement, and said that there are indeed forces out to push him out. He said all this is because of 2022 succession politics. He was obviously implying that the election was possibly rigged in Waititu’s favour, with fingers pointed at the Deputy President William Ruto.

For context, Kabogo was last year in the news when he made a statement which was implied to mean that Kikuyu support for Ruto in 2022 is not guaranteed.

This is actually an argument that was carried on by many pro-opposition blogger.

However, you ask anyone who voted in Kiambu and there’s an almost zero chance he or she thinks it was rigged. The ground was simply too hostile for Kabogo, especially in the last 3 or so weeks when propaganda reached unparalleled levels.

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Capitalizing on Kabogo’s well known arrogance, some guys started spreading fake news on nasty things he supposedly said. It was easy for the electorate to believe because it wouldn’t be out of character for Kabogo to make such statements.

Word spread fast, and this motivated thousands to turn up and teach him a lesson in humility.

It was actually some kind of poetic justice because Kabogo is known to employ such tactics, but this time as they say, “Pwagu alipata Pwaguzi”.

Everyone on the ground understands Kabogo lost fair and square, and that’s why some viewers were not impressed by Manyora’s analysis.

Here are some reactions in reply to a Citizen TV tweet.

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