Actress Turned Politician Nyasuguta Hits Back at DNG Over Fundraising Remarks

April 19, 2017

Talented actress Eunice Wambui famously known as Nyasuguta has reacted to hype master DNG’s harsh views on political aspirants calling on fundraisers to raise money for their campaigns.

Last week, DNG took to social media to condemn aspirants telling them to drop their political ambitions if they don’t have money.

“Watu wa siasa aka ‘ma-aspirants: Acheni kutuitia fundraising please. Whatsapp imejaa mainvite na maposter. Kwani tunakuwanga na nyinyi mkipewa mshande ya 850k? Na mnatugawianga mkisanya mkwanja? Nkt! Roho safi, kama hauna doh, sare jo… Achana nayo! Hii election ni ya pesa, la sivyo utembee door to door uconvince wazeiya,” wrote DNG.

Nyasuguta, who is vying for the Embakasi South MP seat on a Jubilee ticket, however, says calling on people to help doesn’t mean one is poor.

“Calling upon people to help you doesn’t mean you are poor. Even Waiguru, Uhuru and other bigwigs call for fundraising. Who is DNG to tell us not to ask for help?” she said.

She adds that she is content that in the upcoming polls she will be among the sitting MPs at the August House and is ready to bring change in her constituency.

“I will create job employment opportunities for the youth, table banking for women and ensure CDF funds are equally distributed to the needy students.”

Embakasi South is said to be one of the worst-performing constituencies, with sewage outbursts and a high crime rate, but Nyasuguta has already started constructing drainage and trenches to prove to her constituents she is fit for the job.

“This is to ensure that cases of cholera and typhoid reduce and will also build well-equipped hospitals, as the area has more police posts than health facilities. I will also nurture talents,” said Nyasu.

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