Saumu Mbuvi Confirms Sonko’s Fears About ‘Joyrider’ Ex-Boyfriend

March 2, 2017

Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi has confirmed her split with politician fiance Benson Gatu days after unconfirmed reports from well placed sources.

According to the initial sources, Ms Saumu, who is due anytime, moved out of the couple’s posh uptown residence where the two had been cohabiting and moved back to her mother’s home in Runda.

Reasons for the split were unclear but it was believed that Mike Sonko was not approving of the lawyer who is eyeing the Mathioya parliamentary seat despite the lovebirds’ public show during Saumu’s lavish graduation party hosted by her father at their Mua home.

Sources claimed that Sonko was infuriated that media outlets were giving publicity to a person he describes as “someone who wants to joyride on the Sonko name to gain political mileage”.

Sonko even urged politicians not to be fooled by men who pretend that they want to settle down with their daughters.

“I am very bitter about this and advise other leaders not to allow their daughters or family members to fall into this trap,” Sonko reportedly said.

Well, it appears Sonko was right as confirmed by his daughter on social media. With rumors rife on the interwebs, Saumu took to the gram on Wednesday to claim Benson Gatu, who is rumored to have already moved on, was with her for his selfish benefits.

“Just to clear the air I was never married in the first place. I’m just a woman who realized my worth before it was too late . yes we broke up. I’m just too young to go through such bullshit of a man moving from one politician’s daughter to another for his selfish benefits,” wrote Saumu.


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