OMG: Suspect Turns Up in Court Naked and Covered in Faeces

March 7, 2017

Proceedings at a Kwale Court were brought to a halt on Monday when a suspected car thief showed up naked and smeared in human waste.

Harman Mkalla, who arrived with his clothes in his hands, refused to wear clothes in protest.

When asked why he bared it all, Mkalla said his money and phones were confiscated and that he was denied the right to contact his relatives.

“I did that in protest,” he said.

Resident magistrate Paul Mutai asked officers to convince Mkalla to get dressed before he could be taken to the chambers.

“We cannot allow him naked. At least wrap him in sheets because he is not decent,” he said.

Mkalla, who was in the company of his accomplice, Fredrick Omondi, finally heeded to the pleas and agreed to dress up.

Inspector Stephene Muli asked the court to remand the two suspects at Kwale police station for 14 days for investigations to be completed.

He said the suspects were found with a stolen Mitsubishi FH lorry, registration KCE 175G, when they were arrested on Sunday.

They were arrested in Taveta by officers acting on a tip-off from members of the public.

The magistrate ordered that they be held for the two weeks

“While in custody you will be allowed to get in touch with relatives or a counsel of your choice,” said Mutai.

The hearing is set for March 20.

It is unclear if Mkalla will face separate charges for indecent exposure.

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