New Music: Size 8 Reborn Releases New Single ‘Mapochopocho’ (VIDEO)

March 1, 2017

Songbird Size 8 Reborn presents her newest single dubbed ‘Mapochopocho.’

According to the singer, ‘Mapochopocho’ means God’s blessings.

She explains: “Mapochpocho is a name I use to describe God’s blessings in my life. How beautiful His put my life together even when I wrong Him or disappoint Him his love is never ending. I just find myself smiling at His goodness and abundant grace in my life.
My God has been to good to me. The blessings in my life are more than i could ever imagine. No amount of words can be used to thank my God.
We are all blessed but many choose to see the problems in their lives more than the blessings. Remember the air you breathe is from GOD freely given to you. Jesus died on the cross for us while we were still sinners. A gift to the world JESUS CHRIST is from GOD.
Take a minute dance, praise , thank and glorify our God for all His done for you. May this song remind you how blessed you are and may it cause you to be thankful to GOD.”

Watch the video above.

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