Lamu Hosts Magnificent Yoga Festival… and We Have The Photos

March 20, 2017

Yoga is not exactly the kind of discipline you would associate with Kenyans. But you’ll be surprised to learn the numbers taking it up seriously.

It happened that last week there was a Yoga Festival in Lamu. Obviously not the kind of event to be hugely publicized., but the enthusiasm was great and turnout even greater.

Yoga aficionados stormed the the coastal city to stage one of the most spectacular Yoga showcases this side of the Sahara.

The agility and flexibility on display was a big pull for the hundreds of curious on lookers. The biggest names in this field gave a jaw-dropping display that will sure leave people talking for many weeks.

Among the big names of the festival was one Jo-1. She’s one of the country’s most prominent dance gurus, best known from her days at Sakata.

Donning bright attire appropriate for the weather, locale and the festival; plus her spectacular smile, Jo-1 was without a doubt the crowd favourite.

Together with her crew of Yoga experts, drawn from the US, UK, Italy and a few other countries, Jo-1 staged one hell of a show that left the crowd questioning their limited knowledge of bone structure. The acrobatic skills on offer were simply out of this world.

It’s actually more impressive when you remember that Jo-1 is a mother of 3.

Check out some pics from the festival.

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