Comedian Obinna Shares First PHOTO of Newest Member of the Obinna Clan

March 31, 2017

The Obinna family is growing faster than we can blink!

The popular comedian, events MC, musician, TV and radio host, is a father for the fourth time.

Popularly known for his fanatical heavy Nigerian accent, the comedian and his third baby mama, Mercy, have been blessed with a baby girl named Damilola ‘Lola’.

The couple welcomed the baby girl at Nairobi Hospital on Sunday 19th March.

“All my children, I thought they would come when I am out of town. They often surprise me.

Over the weekend, I was in Embu for a gig. When I got back to the city on Sunday, I had to rush Mercy to the hospital because she was in labour. I went to the delivery room for the first time ever, and I actually got the whole experience. Now I know why most men do not enter the delivery room,” he says.

On Instagram, he revealed the baby girl was delivered weighing in at 3.5 kgs.

“Alubarika is all I See!! Jah Jah blessed Me!! 3.5KG baby Girl,” he wrote.

While he still remains coy on the identity of Lola, Obinna has shared a first photo of the newest member of the Obinnaz. He now has one son and three daughters.


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