Hilarious: Watch Jalango Explain Difference Between How Luhya and Luo Parents Motivate their Kids

March 31, 2017

If you are a Luhya parent or aspiring to be a parent, this is probably not for you.

Over the years, Luhyas have gained a reputation for their eating habits and are the butt of all food jokes. Just when we thought the jokes had run out, comedian Jalango comes up with a new one.

The popular radio host and events MC was emceeing at a wedding in Western recently when he compared how Luo and Luhya parents motivate their children to reach greater heights.

While Luos address their kids with titles such as doctor and engineer, Luhyas do it much differently and according to Jalas, it could be hampering their kids progress.

Watch the short clip below:

In the line of duty…..

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