Bhang Researcher to Appear Before Parliamentary Committee to Defend Decriminalization Proposal

March 15, 2017

Gwada Ogot, the man behind a petition to legalise planting, sale or trade in cannabis sativa will face a Parliamentary committee to defend his proposal.

Mr Ogot, a researcher, political analyst and writer, will appear before the Senate Health Committee chaired by Migori Senator, Dr Wilfred Machage.

“I pray the House recommends amnesty for all people jailed for possession, usage, sale, cultivation and transportation of cannabis sativa. Criminalising cannabis creates criminals where none existed,” Mr Ogot said.

According to Mr Ogot, crimes associated with the plant are due to its prohibition.

He said if legalized, bhang can be one of the cash crops and contribute to improving people’s living standards besides boosting the country’s revenue.

“Research has indicated that bhang can be used for medicinal purposes to cure diseases. It is disease resistant and can be replanted several times a year without use of pesticides,” Mr Ogot argued in the petition.

Mr Ogot is also advocating for establishment of a Cannabis regulatory body-Cannabis Sativa Board of Kenya (CSBK), to oversee the sector to ensure planting, trade and consumption of the drug.

The committee will also seek public views on the matter.

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