Alipanda Mbegu: Pastor Accused of Impregnating Form Two Girl After Romp in a Shamba

March 16, 2017

The A.C.K. Church in Taita Taveta County has interdicted one of its pastors for allegedly having sexual relations with a minor.

The unnamed pastor is said to have lured the form two girl and slept with her in a shamba in February.

Bishop Dishon Mng’onda of A.C.K. said the church took immediate action against the pastor after the allegations were brought to his attention.

The girl, a student at Alan Mjomba Secondary School, was also a Sunday school teacher at the church where the pastor was a minister.

She claimed the pastor “held my hand and took me to a shamba where he slept with me”.

The father of the girl added: “On that fateful day the pastor came home and found my daughter alone so he took advantage of her and defiled her at our farm.”

“We noticed that that our daughter was expectant and after interrogations, she said the pastor is responsible,” he said.

The girl’s parents have urged the government and the church to take stern action against pastors who take advantage of minors.

Alan Mjomba Secondary School principal, claims that cases of pastors impregnating school-going students in the area have been on the rise.

The pastor has been arrested as investigations continue.

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