WolfieRaps Net Worth (2017)

February 8, 2017

WolfieRaps: Net Worth – $1.4 Million

Real Name: Charles Raynor Subscribers: 6m+
Birth Place: Ottawa, Canada Channel Type: Comedy, Music
Date of Birth: 15, 1993 Marital Status: Girlfriend
Nationality: Canadian Education: Carleton University
Occupation: YouTuber, Entertainer Hobbies: 

WolfieRaps was born Charles Raynor in London, Ontario on June 15, 1993.

He is the middle child of Chris Raynor – an orthopaedic surgeon and Mandy Raynor – a fitness expert.

He has 2 channels where he posts pranks, challenges, parodies, music covers and rap.

He started his main channel, WolfieRaps in August 2013, and has gone on to get millions of subscribers. His second channel, MoreWolfie, was started in May 2016 and has grown incredibly fast.

In May 2016, Wolfie graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing from Ottawa’s Carleton University. He then started working full time on his YouTube career.

How Much Does WolfieRaps Make on YouTube?

His main channel has over 5 million subscribers and is growing by over 16,000 everyday.

According to Socialblade, WolifeRaps (main channel) averages 2 million views every single day, translating to an income of between $500 and $8000… but we can narrow that range.

On average YouTube pays between $1 and $3 per 1000 views. Unfortunately, not every view counts, since some users have installed ad-blockers, view through unsupported devices etc. Rough estimates put the monetizable views at around 60%.

Using and average revenue of $1.5 for every 1000 views, and a total of 1.2 million monetized views, Wolfie makes around $1800 daily from this channel. This translates into a monthly revenue of $54,000.

There are various ways to estimate the value of a YouTube channel, but generally we prefer multiplying the monthly revenue by 20. This would value his main channel at $1,080,000.

His second channel, MoreWolfie, is approaching 2 million subscribers, and growing by 6000 everyday. According to Socialblade, it averages 19 million video views every month. Using the same formula we used on his first, we can conclude this channel is worth $342,000.

Adding up the two channels, were can calculate WolfieRaps’ net worth.


WolfieRaps’ net worth is $1.4 million (2017)

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