The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday February 1)

February 1, 2017

On this first day of February, here are the stories making headlines.

Unbelievable: The SGR Passenger Coaches Are Worse Than a Village Matatu

Steve Harvey on the Spot for ‘Eliminating’ Miss Universe Kenya (VIDEO)

Boniface Mwangi: I am Anguished Because my Wife and Children have Been Included as Targets

Donald Trump’s early crisis

Austrian government moves to ban full-face veil

People across UK take to streets, protesting Trump’s travel ban

U.S. does $220 billion in trade with Muslim-majority countries

Oprah Winfrey becoming a contributor to CBS’ ’60 Minutes’

Amazon, Expedia back lawsuit opposing Trump travel ban

Super Bowl LI will be the first we can watch in virtual reality

‘They should be ashamed of themselves!’: Trump accuses top Democrats of holding up attorney general nomination

Trump just met with the heads of drug companies – here’s how it went

MPs will debate whether Donald Trump should be given a UK state visit

Ben Affleck will not direct the next ‘Batman’ movie: ‘I cannot do both jobs’

Theresa May has put the Queen in a ‘very difficult position’ over Donald Trump’s UK visit

‘Outraged by this order’ – Here’s the speech Google cofounder Sergey Brin just gave attacking Trump’s immigration ban

Apple’s hidden multi-billion dollar business could be the star of today’s earnings

100 movies on Netflix that everyone needs to watch in their lifetime

Google employees protest Trump’s immigration ban

India is bringing free Wi-Fi to more than 1,000 villages this year

J.K. Rowling made a major correction to this ‘Daily Mail’ tweet

Netflix teases a gadget that lets you browse with just your brain

Tinder founder: CEOs have a ‘responsibility’ to speak out against Trump’s Muslim ban

Embarrassed Miss Universe gets sweet revenge on Steve Harvey

These stickers will tell you the exact ripeness of your avocados

Senate Democrats Boycott Confirmation Votes On Two Top Trump Nominees

‘Heartbreaking’ — Obamacare Phone Counselor Talks About The Calls Coming In

Iran Defends Ballistic Missile Test, Insists It Won’t Use Weapons To Attack

With A Stroke Of A Pen, Trump May Have Sparked An American Brain Drain

White House Just Gave A Terrible Defense Of Trump’s Refugee Ban

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