Shane Dawson Net Worth

February 8, 2017

Shane Dawson: Net Worth – $3 Million

Real Name: Shane Lee Dawson Subscribers: 17m+
Birth Place: Long Beach, California Channel Type: Comedy
Date of Birth: 19, 1988 Marial Status: Single
Nationality: American Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: YouTuber, Actor, Author Education: Lakewood High School

Shane Lee Dawson is an American YouTube personality born in Long Beach California, in 1988.

Shane is also an actor, author, sketch comedian, singer, songwriter and film director. He has built two YouTube channels accumulating more than 17 million subscribers and over 3.5 billion video views.

His first channel, Shane, launched in September 2005, has over 9 million subscribers.

His second channel, Shade Dawson TV – launched in March 2008, has nearly 8 million subscribers. On this channel however, he posts videos irregularly. For instance, he only posted 5 in 2016.

On his main channel, he posts daily.

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How Much Does Shane Dawson Make on YouTube?

According to Socialblade, Shane averages 2.5 million views on his main channel every single day. This translates to an income of between $650 and $10,500 daily. We can narrow down that range.

On average YouTube pays between $1 and $3 for every 1000 views. However, not every view counts for various reasons. According to estimates, about 60% of all views are monetized.

Using an average revenue of $1.5 for every 1000 views, and a total of 1.5 million monetized views, Shane makes around $2250 daily from this channel. This translates into a monthly revenue of $67,500.

There are many ways of valuing a YouTube channel, but generally the figure comes to around 20 months of revenue. This would value Shane’s channel at around $1,350,000

Because of posting irregularly, his second account is not fairing very well. Socialblade estimates 150,000 daily views. This translates to about $100 in daily revenue ($3000 per month.)

Shane Dawson

Using the same formula, we can calculate the value of this channel to be $60,000. However, this is a sleeping giant and a single video would be enough to awaken his 8 million subscribers, a number that is growing by nearly 700 daily.

Shane has other engagements outside YouTube, including TV, film and music. It would be difficult to value his other activities, but if we are to look at YouTube alone and his online brand…

Shane Dawson’s net worth is $3 million (2017)

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