The Real Foodie: Watch Elderly Woman Steal Left-Over Food at an Event (VIDEO)

January 4, 2017

Whether you can admit or not, you have probably done some very embarrassing things for the sake of food. We don’t blame you, we are many and we call ourselves the real foodies. We don’t have the time to take pictures of our food and our ingenious mothers taught us to eat heavy at events because they were not going to cook back at home.

This past festive period without a doubt had its fair share of epic food stories and we just happen to have a clip of one such incident.

The clip shows the moment a woman, actually, two women, collude to carry out a heist of some left over rice at a public event.

However, it is one woman who has the stomach(no pun intended) to carry out the task to completion as she creates space in her handbag to accommodate as much rice as possible and serves herself – or rather, her handbag – platefuls of rice in a matter of seconds.

At one point(23 seconds), the woman is seen snapping her finger, perhaps in excitement for the mouth-watering loot. If that is not the mark of a real foodie then I don’t know what is.

Watch below:


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