Pokot Herdsmen Raid Laikipia Conservancy in Search of Pasture, Kill Wild Animals (PICS)

January 12, 2017

Suspected Pokot herdsmen on Monday invaded Mugie conservancy and other parts of Laikipia and killed several wild animals.

The heavily armed militias carried out the attack on Monday night and set fires to farms as they drove vast herds of cattle into the private 49,000-acre conservancy.

The attackers were armed with guns, spears, arrows and rungus in the ambush which left one staff member with a gunshot injury.

According to reports, violence erupted when the gunmen opened fire at Kenya Wildlife Service rangers patrolling the conservancy’s south western boundary.

Overpowered, KWS rangers and Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) retreated from the huge assault which was similar to recent attacks on other farms and conservancies across Laikipia.

Residents blame the frequent attacks on politicians.

The invaders, who are seeking pasture, have killed hundreds of wild animals some of which are among Kenya’s protected species.

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Additional Reporting by The Star

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