Open Letter: Dear Baba, Please Control Your Daughter Rosemary

January 26, 2017

By Hon Alberto Nyakundi Amenya

Dear Raila Odinga, Please Control your daughter Rosemary.

Dear Baba,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is comrade Alberto Nyakundi Amenya aka the Banana Peddler from Kisii County. I flog bananas in the streets of Kisii town. Sir, let me start by confessedly acknowledging that I am one of your staunch supporters. I want to assure you that no amount of intimidation can enjoin me to eschew supporting you.

Sir, I want to register my dissatisfaction over a gossip encompassed in the word making rounds that your daughter Rosemary will vie for Kibra MP in August polls. What surprises me is your deliberate stillness on the matter.

I have seen some of your online supporters purporting to support Rosemary. They have all buttressed their weird support by quoting the constitution. I agree with them. I agree that it is an inalienable right of any Kenyan including your daughter, to vie for any political seat in free fair and credible elections. Likewise, I take exception to her candidature especially at this time you are going for the highest office.

Nonetheless, those sociopaths are not sincere with you. Imagine a scenario where you are vying for presidency, your sister Ruth Odinga is vying for Kisumu Governor, your brother Oburu is vying in Bondo, your first cousin Jakoyo Midiwo is vying MP for Gem and your daughter Rosemary is vying for Kibra MP. Others will tell you it is democracy. For me, I will take exception and be sincere with you. That is the highest level of greediness and power hungriness.

Take President Uhuru Kenyatta for instance. He has brothers and sisters. He has a wife and children. He has a mother too. If Uhuru planted his mother to vie for Gatundu gubernatorial, she’ll win by 8 am. If he asks his son Jommo to vie for Gatundu MP, Moses Kuria will be defeated even before elections. If Uhuru asks her daughter to vie for Kiambu Women Rep, despite her cluelessness in politics, she will get the seat.

Sir, why is the President not parading them to vie in these positions yet it is their constitutional right? I’ll tell you why. Uhuru’s relatives know well that by Uhuru winning, they have won too. That is why they drop their political ambitions to support their own thus becoming his mainstay.

Remember what Muthama told Jubilee at the Bomas of Kenya last week when he took over the ambo? I will tell you the same thing. All these other Kenyans that you expect votes from, spent nine months in their mother’s stomachs and are capable of becoming leaders too. Nonetheless, you are the best fit but that does not include your relations.

Sincerely, your weird propensity of parading your relatives will blemish your presidential reputation. Remember Kenya is not owned by the Odinga family, neither is it owned by the Kenyatta family. Remember what you have been telling them about nepotism. How are you going to counter imputations directed at you when you are guilty of the same?

Boss, I know you are naturally intelligent and wise. Nevertheless, by not telling you the truth, those factotums you surround yourself with are making you look like a fool. Excuse the vulgarness in language but someday history shall be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Sir, what those idiots are not telling you is that if Rosemary loses the Kibra seat, the headlines will read, “Raila’s daughter loses” and not “Rosemary loses” What if – God forbid – both of you lose? What will be the headlines like? Why do you want to embarrass yourself for no favourable reason? Why are you giving your enemies and traducers ample ground to strip you naked in broad daylight?

Boss, the best thing for you to do is to come out and demystify this impending debacle. Come out clean and demesmerize people from this self-perpetuated myth. I am sure you are not unaware of the current Kibra MP Hon Ken Okoth’s industriousness.

Please advice your daughter to double her efforts of looking for a hubby and leave Ken Okoth in peace. You better do it soon or the valiant people of Kibra will do it on your behalf. What Ken Okoth has started, let him finish in peace. The fact that her father is a leader does not automatically make her a leader too.

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