Joey Muthengi: ‘Why I Don’t Have the Time for a Relationship’

January 10, 2017

Good luck to the man who will one day try to sweep Joey Muthengi off her feet!

The Citizen TV presenter in an interview with Homeboyz Radio revealed exactly what she thinks about relationships and unlike her, it is not pretty.

According to the pretty ’10 Over 10′ host, relationships require too much work. She says a relationship is like a job that she won’t sign up for, especially because it has no monetary returns.

Basically, she is all about chasing that paper on weekdays and spending time with her ‘people’ on weekends.

“I like spending time with myself. I don’t have time to take care of people. I feel like relationships are a job. It’s like work. It’s like you’re putting too much effort and when I put in that much effort, I usually get paid cash or cheques sometimes. I’m happier when I’m like this. I can do my own thing like go home. I don’t have anyone asking me how my day was and I’m like aarrghh, It doesn’t matter. Conversations need points. Why are you asking good morning? Good morning for what? I don’t have time for all that. My ideal relationship is when I see you once a week. I see you on Thursday, you can text me on Tuesday and I’ll be like “Cool, I’ll see you on Thursday’ and that’s it. Weekends I hang out with my people, weekdays I grind,” said Joey.

Watch more of what she said in the short clip below:


Best. Interview. Ever. “I like myself”

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