There was drama on Monday night after residents of Nairobi’s Lavington estate raided a local pub and ordered patrons to leave.

The members of the Apple Cross Residents Association want the 51 Lounge closed, claiming it has become a nuisance in the usually serene suburb.

According to the residents, the pub has been turned into a double parking lot, and commercial sex workers now share their driveway.

In addition to that, the residents – mostly with young families – said they are forced to hop over used condoms on pavements leading to their homes.

“Where we are living is a residential area but unfortunately what has happened is that we have a commercial venture that has been set up right inside a residential area,” one of the residents, who did not want to be named told Capital FM News.

Another said, “imagine like on Friday last week, I was coming back home with my three daughters but I could not even enter into my house since my driveway had been blocked by vehicles. To my dismay, in one of the cars, there were illicit activities going on there. We have commercial sex workers in the area.”

The about 20 members of the Residents Association caught patrons of the pub unawares and gave them until 11 pm to finish their drinks and leave.

According to verified documents, the business was registered as a restaurant operating from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Police officers reported to the scene about 40 minutes to 11 pm to ensure law and order prevailed during the forceful evacuation.

The restaurant was closed at 11 pm after all the patrons had left. The residents then said a word of prayer and returned to their homes.