Hilarious: NTSA Gives Strict Guidelines on Friend Zones and Sponsorship (VIDEO)

June 2, 2016

jaymoFollowing the widespread popularity of clandestine relationships involving rich older men and younger broke women, it was only a matter of time before the government intervened with guidelines to ensure smooth operations of these relationships.
The new guidelines released by ‘NTSA’ are geared towards protecting sponsors from making bad investments. In the new guidelines, the roads board has outlined the areas where ‘friendzones’ end on major highways for sponsors taking their girls on road trips.
In other news, the government is launching a programme to regulate the registration of aspiring sponsors. Apparently, there will be several ranks of sponsorship, each with it’s own duties, benefits and responsibilities. They include Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver Sponsors and even Copper Sponsors.
Here is comedian Jaymo Ule Msee with another creative video:

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