UNBELIEVABLE: The Craziest Thing a Fan has Ever Done to Elani’s Bryan Chweya

May 9, 2016

bryanYou know him as Bryan Chweya, the mellow voiced member of Afro-pop group Elani, but there is probably a lot you don’t know about him.
The lawyer by profession, took his time out to chat with Nairobi News about who he is and other interesting details about him.
1. Tell us who Bryan is? – I’m a young gentleman who is the first born of a family of four, who loves his mother, loves music, and is always there to spread good vibes.
I was born and raised in South C, where I must admit Kenyan hip hop stars came from. E-Sir, K-Rupt, Klepto, they used to come and hang out in the area. You will see them rhyming on the corners and asking people what they thought of what they were doing.
I attended my primary school at Moi Educational Centre, before joining Upper Hill school for my secondary education.  I later joined University of Nairobi for my Law degree and I was later admitted to the bar and now I am an advocate.
2. When did you realize you were talented in music? – To tell you the truth I didn’t know I had it in me. When I went to Upper Hill School I joined music club because of the ‘funkies’ school functions. Every week our school music club was always out of the school doing this and that and the fun part was were mostly visiting girls schools.
We auditioned with some of my classmates and I was lucky to be selected and the choir master told me that I could sing. I fell in love with music then and the rest you can see.
3. How was Elani born? – I wanted to start my own group and I had a friend of mine called Patrick who was into Wambui. He introduced me to her and later I met Maureen through another friend. We started as five members but two of them left and we were left the three of us and decided to make it happen.
4. Tell us what your most embarrassing moment is? – I’m an Arsenal fun and one day in high school I remember us discussing about the football games and they were telling me Arsenal is going to lose the game.
One afternoon after lunch I felt sleepy and dosed off and in my mind during class I was dreaming Arsenal scoring so I woke up screaming goooooal in the middle of the lesson so everyone just turned and looked at me and the whole class just started laughing. Up to now most of my former classmates still call me Mr Goal.
5. Can you cook and what is your favorite food? – I can cook anything you throw at me very well. I’m more of a chapati guy, and I have even cooked for Maureen and Wambui some chapati’s.
The girls think I can’t cook well and I’m planning to just do that for them. My mother cooks the best pilau in this world and that is one of my favorite food and I enjoy her cooking.
6. Have you made any use of your law degree? – Music is a very big part of my life but to anyone out there who wants to be an artist, please study first because at the end of the day it will become a very big part of your life.
After being admitted to the bar, my father told me to go ahead and do what makes me happy, so I chose music.
I practice for Elani and I also go through contracts and write them, but for now it’s about Elani for me.
7. What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you or for you? – One day while performing a female fan jumped on me and we fell down together and she tried to kiss me but luckily the bouncers pulled her away from me.
-Additional Reporting by Nairobi News

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