CRAZY!!! A Shop where you can Buy Mr. and Mrs. Right Finally Hits Town (VIDEO)

May 9, 2016

shopFinally! We can all get the partner we have always wanted. Personally, I have never been happier…this weather has been really cruel to me and I need me a Mother of Dragons.
Now, imagine a world where you can go shopping for that ever elusive Mr. or Mrs. Right. You just hit the store when loneliness has gotten the better of you, give the necessary specifications/requirements and voila, you’re no longer the lonely laughingstock of your friends, family and nosy neighbours.
Well, you can stop imagining now. There is a shop that caters for all that courtesy of the very creative comedian Jaymo Ule Msee.
A video showing how the ‘business’ operates has gone viral, and it is only right that you don’t miss out on the craziness.
Check it out below. I guarantee it will make your day.
Jaymo Ule Msee – Finally, a shop where you can get the… | Facebook

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