Unbelievable: Motorist Narrates Daylight Robbery Incident Near Nyayo Stadium

May 12, 2016

nyayoOur security forces have totally failed in protecting us. People are being gunned down aimlessly and robbed everywhere. Gunmen are no longer giving Nairobians the courtesy of waiting for the dark.
One motorist experienced a scary incident near Nyayo Stadium on Friday last week, and took to Facebook to warn other Kenyans. This was his post.
Today at around 4.30pm I was stuck in traffic just before the Nyayo Stadium round about waiting for the traffic to open up. I had my window open just about one inch, when i look towards my right i suddenly see a guy looking and walking up right towards me.
My first reflex reaction was to put my window up. He comes up to the window and suddenlt pulls out a gun and tries to open the door , I started frantically hooting and screaming trying to get attention as it was peak traffic period. I got to a stage were i wad pleading with him through the window… he shook his head and walked away… when i saw him walking away there was a blue/ black probox in the 3rd lane(lane going toward nairobi west) the driver must have seen what was going on !he too started hooting as the shooter was walking past his car.
The shooter turned around and fired..suddenly the traffic opened up and all I saw as I drove away out of no choice was the driver’s head going down….I am shaken , traumatised and confused… what is our nairobi coming to! Broad daylight! This can happen to anyone of us out there!be careful and alert..

Some of you may think my reaction – hooting and screaming may be wrong but those few seconds of horror , I guess is what brought out the reflex / reaction!We need our roads to be safe as we spend so much time in our cars…. NTSA this is for you!!!!GOD was with me today, my heart goes out to the driver who was shot!
Mr. Harish Krishan has since started a petition to compel the Inspector General to act on this.

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