Sonko’s Full Statement on His Defection From Jubilee to Cord

May 23, 2016

sonkoSonko has taken to Facebook to address rumours that he has defected from Jubilee to Cord. This was his statement.
My attention has been drawn to claims that I have finally defected from TNA (Jubilee Alliance) to Orange Democratic Movement (Cord). I wish to take this early opportunity to categorically deny such baseless claims and which can only be part of propaganda machine working for my political detractors.
That news making the rounds and going viral in the internet and published online that I have defected is not only mischievous but malicious and absolute nonsense intended to tarnish my good image. The report is false and malicious propaganda of busy bodies aimed at confusing my supporters and the great people of Nairobi.

This is not however the first time such propaganda is being spread against me. At the beginning, there were claims that I was fighting the so-called Mount Kenya Mafia then followed by claims that I was dead and most recently that I am fighting President Uhuru Kenyatta.
These claims are only meant to slow down my campaigns for the Nairobi gubernatorial race in 2017 but whatever nature of propaganda they use will not stop me from exercising my democratic right.
My respect for President Uhuru Kenyatta is unmatched; I have always respected him and his Government and will continue doing so despite the smear campaign to portray me as a political rebel and party hopper who lacks respect for the President.
Those using propaganda to humiliate and threaten my loyalty to H.E Uhuru and Jubilee are day dreamers who have failed to understand the politics of today but are still stuck with the old political styles.
I wish to further state that my dream to vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat is alive and kicking and no amount of threats and intimidation will force me to step down or withdraw from the race for any candidate. It will be the Jubilee voters who will decide at the nomination stage who will fly the flag.
Therefore, it is important to mention here that the internet story is the creation of my opponents’ propaganda machine spreading lies and outright falsehood rather than delivering services to the good people of Nairobi. The general public should please ignore this ill-intended story by manner less liars.

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