Robert Alai: We Have Official State Assassins. They Only Need Your Name and Phone Number

May 11, 2016

robert alaiThe Jacob Juma assassination saga continues.
Aspiring politician Robert Alai has sensationally claimed that we have state assassins. In a Facebook post yesterday, Alai said that the assassins operate inside the security apparatus and use regular tags to hide their real job.
Here’s that post.


‪#‎RIPJacobJuma : We have official state assassins in Kenya. They operate from one of the security units’ HQ. They are career police officers with paramilitary training. They use the regular unit’s tag to hide their true work and intentions. They have been assigned two cars at their disposal. They don’t want any cartridges or eye witnesses. They are lethal.
In their assignments, they only need a name and phone number to execute. They monitor the subject for at least two weeks before striking. They trail you to learn your habits, routines, likes, dislikes and social circles. They use the gathered intelligence to properly execute the task without lifting a veil on who they really are.
Be afraid. Very afraid but don’t stop asking the questions. We must speak out and sacrifice our sweat and blood to make Kenya a better country.
I value the security men and the work they do. They sacrifice a lot and are not well remunerated nor appreciated. They need to sometimes eliminate the bad guys for us to be free and secure.
But we should never breed a dog which bites us. It is wrong to have Kenyans do the dirty work of assassinating citizens whose crime is just to ask the questions which would make Kenya a better country. Questions about the public expenditures.
Kenya will be a better country if we allow “dhana pishana” or diverse perspectives on issues. We can’t breed nation of yessir-men and expect to progress. Democracy is built on agreeing that someone has a right to hold a contrary opinion as yours. Democracy is cemented on the foundation of respect for diversity.
I have lived in a police line. I know the suffering of our police officers. I think that they are voiceless. We must speak for them. But we must also support those of them who defy unlawful orders. We must stand with them through thick and thin. We have failed in this regard.
To our police officers employed to kill citizens asking the hard questions, know that after finishing the activists, bloggers, journalists and politicians, they will execute you too to hide the trail of evidence. It has happened in the assassination of Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Mungiki adherents, Tribal Clashes and PEV foot soldiers etc…….. They killed all those they hired to do the dirty work for them. Many know this.
They will never allow you to retire peacefully knowing what you know after doing for them the dirty work. Be smart, know that they will come for you and eliminate you after all is quiet.
Freedom was never won by citizens sitting at home and praying or singing kumbaya. We must chant, shout and call out the oppressors.

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