Revealed: Kibaki’s Hot Grandson is the Boyfriend of a Famous YouTube Star

May 11, 2016

sean8When Lucy Kibaki’s grandchildren took the mic to pay tribute last week at Consolata Shrine, one stood out.
Not entirely because of his dreadlocks, but because he is kinda famous on YouTube. Apparently his girlfriend runs a vibrant YouTube account.

His name is Sean Andrew and his relationship to YouTuber Elodie Zone is well known.
Elodie has a loyal social media following and she’s probably Kenya’s closest thing to a YouTube star. Watching a few of her videos, you quickly realize why.
She’s fun, has charisma, star power and more importantly, that natural unforced Victoria Rubadiri kind of accent.
Anyway back to Sean. It was a surprise to many who have seen him on Elodie’s videos when he was introduced as a Kibaki; A shocker that the guy they had seen several times on YouTube called the President ‘grandpa’.
Though he doesn’t talk much in the videos, he is behind the camera a few times and on occasion in front of it. Watch them on these two videos.
Elodie’s birthday last year.

Elodie departs for France

We’re not completely certain whether the two are still together, but from these pictures, they looked like quite the happy couple.
Some more pictures of Elodie.. This girl is fine.

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