POLL: Should Atheists be Allowed to Register Their Party

May 3, 2016

githuThe issue of Atheism has never really come up in a big way in Kenya, until last week when Attorney General Githu Muigai de-registered the Atheists Society of Kenya.
The group of non-believers had been granted registration but pressure from religious leaders forced the AG to reverse his decision.
This is a completely divisive topic. Everyone has an opinion.
The more liberal minds will not see anything wrong with a bunch of guys who do not believe in a higher being registering a party, as long as it is not created with a purpose of harming those with opposing views.
The conservatives however cannot fathom the notion of anyone else with a perspective that is not like theirs. It is either their way or the highway.. Never mind the different gods worshiped by the different religions.
With my simple mind, my understanding is that there is no state religion in Kenya and since Churches form associations, Muslims the same and even Hindus, it would be unjust for religious leaders to try and impose their believes on those who don’t want, then deny them the freedom of association.
It’s not like they’re out to turn believers anyway.
What do you think.. Should atheists be left to do their thing?

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