POLL: Are Your Pooping Habits Like Everyone Else’s?

May 3, 2016


Take this poll to find out if you poop like everyone else. (Inspired by Buzzfeed)

1. How often do you poop?

2. Usually, what color is your poop?

3. Do you stand up to wipe?

4. Do you wipe forward (front to back) or backwards (back to front)?

5. Do you ever look at the toilet paper after you wipe?


6. Have you ever…not wiped?

7. Do you ever look at your poop?

8. What time of day do you generally poop?

9. Where do you feel MOST comfortable pooping?

10. Where do you feel LEAST comfortable pooping?

11. What consistency is your poop generally?


12. Do you take your phone/any other technology into the bathroom with you to poop?

13. Would you poop in front of your significant other?

14. Do you feel comfortable talking about pooping with your friends or family?

15. Have you ever clogged a toilet?

16. Do you use pooping aids?

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