PHOTOS – The Royals’ ‘Queen Helena’, Elizabeth Hurley Was in Kenya Last Week

May 3, 2016

the royalsElizabeth Hurley was off duty from her role as Queen Helena on E!’s ‘The Royals’ last week, and she chose to spend it in Kenya.
The 50 year old mother of one was in Kenya since Tuesday and spent a lot of time with wildlife at the Lewa Conservancy.
On Saturday, she witnessed the burning of the largest ivory stockpile ever and had this to say on Instagram.

I was fortunate to witness the burning of 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.3 tonnes of rhino horn in Kenya today. It was an appalling sight. I strongly believe it was the right thing to do. We must fight hard to save these glorious animals, but not just fight poachers but the trade. All ivory trading must be made illegal in every country. The harshest penalties should be dealt out to those who slaughter and trade

Some photos from her time here.









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