POLL – What Cracked Raila’s Windscreen. Bullet or Stone? (PHOTOS)

May 17, 2016

A car reportedly belonging to Cord leader Raila Odinga took a hit yesterday during IEBC protests in Nairobi.
Cord leaders and supporters posted the pictures claiming that the car had been shot at, and journalist who captured the whole incident arrested.
However, a close observation of the photo show that the crack is more likely to have been caused by a stone or a blunt object.
Here’s a sample windscreen hit by bullets.
Irresponsible reporting by many media houses and blogs led to many Cord supporters terming it an assassination attempt. What followed were riots in Kibera on Monday night.
Come on, the government may be arrogant but I don’t think they are stupid enough to destabilize the country in that way. Let’s use our brains.
But what do you think?

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