Inside Drake’s $8 Million Los Angeles Mansion

May 20, 2016

drakeBusiness Insider – So what does it mean to live like Drizzy?
Well, the Toronto native more commonly known as Drake spends much of his time these days in his home in Hidden Hills, California, a gated neighborhood next to Calabasas.
The area near Los Angeles has been home to Kanye West, the Kardashian clan, Justin Bieber, and plenty of other rich and/or very famous folks.
But there’s something unique about Drake’s mansion, which he bought for $7.7 million from Saddle Ranch owner Larry Pollack in mid-2012, Curbed reports.
It has one of the most luxurious pools in the world. With its own grottos, it was designed to outdo Hugh Hefner’s notorious Playboy Mansion pool, Drake said in an interview.
He’s apparently somewhat obsessed with pools, as he name-checked his own in a recent song to say it was bigger than Kanye’s.
As Drake’s newest album, “Views,” scores the artist’s first No. 1 song, take a look inside the rapper/singer’s Hidden Hills paradise.
Note: Photos come from the real-estate site where the house was listed before Drake bought it, so it’s missing the artist’s customizations.

This aerial shot gives you a sense of the enormous size of the house … and especially of that pool.


But the front is friendly and not ostentatious.


There are beautiful wooden beams running throughout the house.


And there are endless games.


A library.


A cavernous wine cellar.


A screening room to fit plenty of friends.


A gym, likely where Drake has been getting noticeably bulkier.


But the centerpiece, as Drake himself has made clear, is that pool.


Check out the manmade grottos to the side.


Drake reportedly fell in love with the pool before anything else. He found the home online and set it as his desktop background in 2007, years before he bought it.


There’s also a tennis court if you get bored of the water and caves.


And more games.


The house was originally listed for $27 million, but the owner was at a “low moment,” Drake said, and “I stole it from him!”


The view of the surrounding California hills is almost as amazing as that pool.


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