Good Boy Gone Bad!! Larry Madowo Gets Drunk in Milan With Bad Boy Shaffie Weru (VIDEO)

May 31, 2016

larry2Kenya’s number one globetrotter Larry Madowo is officially a bad boy.
While in Milan, Italy, the NTV journalist let loose and got drunk while in the company of bad boy Shaffie Weru and NTV Managing Editor Linus Kaikai. The three had flown to Milan to watch the Champions League final match pitting Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid.
Through his snapchat videos, Larry is seen taking shots of Pompinos also known as Blow Job at an Italian joint. After leaving the joint and on his way to his hotel, Larry is heard saying that his driver is high on weed.
He is later seen with Shaffie Weru drinking booze straight from a bottle, because no one has time for glasses apparently.
Larry is a well known teetotaler, and at the end of the video he is heard saying that he believes in trying everything atleast once.
Here’s that video:

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