“Beer-Drinking Ratchet Girls Stole My Wig at Ratchet Nairobi Club” – Corazon Rants

May 11, 2016

corazonSocialite Corazon Kwamboka has been forced to take to social media to narrate a ‘harrowing’ ordeal in which her ‘precious’ wig was stolen.
On Instagram, the well endowed lass claims that some women yanked off her wig as she intervened in a brawl involving her friends and some ‘beer-drinking’ girls. The incident took place over the weekend at KIZA lounge on Galana Road, Kilimani, which Corazon described as a ratchet club.
Corazon, noting that she is too classy and successful to be fighting hoes, vowed to never go to such clubs again. On top of that, she has decided to hire security personnel to protect her wigs in the future.
This is what she wrote:
“The other day I was at some ratchet Nairobi club called KIZA, some people kept telling me it was a nice place so I decided to check it out, when I got in, it was stuffy, no seats, the staff were unprofessional and the women there looked like they came to the club with an agenda(if you know what I mean) anyway, I had already come all the way so I said I should as well buy their over-priced drinks then leave, I was with my two girlfriend’s, mark you am used to ViP treatment coz I enter the club and I have money to spend, some beer-drinking girls came to insult my friend where we were sitting, as the protective friend that I am, I moved to see what was going on, before I knew it my wig was snatched, I swore never to go to such clubs as KIZA where women go with 200 bob, for taxi polling! And wait for men to buy them drinks, I also decided to get myself security so such bitches can deal with my security coz I am too classy and too successful to be fighting hoes!”

True to her word, she showed off her security detail saying, “If you try to mess with me, you have to deal with my bouncers! #personalsecuritydetail”
Check them out:

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