MOTORISTS BEWARE: This is the Trick Carjackers are Using on Nairobi Roads

May 11, 2016

A concerned social media user has taken to Facebook to warn motorists of the trick carjacking thugs are using to steal from unsuspecting drivers.
On Facebook, Sydney Armstrong, narrated how he ran over what looked like an empty plastic bag on James Gichuru road. He reportedly felt something latch on his vehicle’s rear left tire and his first instinct was to stop and assess what happened.
However, as he was slowing down he noticed three guys hiding in a bush and instead drove off. When he got home, he found on the vehicle’s tire a makeshift tire spike.
This was his full post and some photos:
“STAY ALERT!!!! While driving home in the rain last night on James Gichuru Rd I ran over what looked like an empty plastic bag, but then I felt something latch on to my rear left tire, my fist instinct was to stop and assess what just happened but as I was slowing to stop i noticed three guys hiding in the bush just ahead of me one of them started running towards the car so I sped off, when I got home this is what I found in my tire, the remaining piece of a makeshift tire spike!! Please stay alert while driving in the rain and at night!!!!”
Another social media user shared his similar experience:
Jeremiah Mwangi Coscar Wow this is unreal same thing happened to me whilst there on holiday they target 4×4’s mine got done just before the roundabout at st austins academy and i managed to stop further down the road at shell Lavington. Same sort of spike.”
Stay Alert!!

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