The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday April 21)

April 21, 2016

A look at some of the biggest stories from select sources today.
Shots Fired: Magufuli Calls Kenyans ‘Thieves and Liars’ While Opening Kigamboni Bridge (VIDEO)

‘Sacked’ Ruto Pilot Gets His Job Back, Now Working for Ruto’s Buddy

Win for Bloggers as Justice Mumbi Ngugi Declares “Misuse of a Licensed Communication Device” Law Unconstitutional

IT’S OVER: Hillary has the Democratic primary in the bag

Here’s what a Facebook world will look like in 2026

‘It’s not over’: Sanders supporters ‘disappointed’ but determined after Clinton’s huge New York win

Google attacks TV, saying YouTube ads generate a better return on investment most of the time

Ad-block software is approaching 200 million users – here’s how publishers are reacting

RANKED: The 10 highest-grossing animated movies of all time

NY primary matters for first time in decades

India still wants the Kohinoor diamond back

Fidel Castro makes rare comment on his longevity

Ethiopia: Hundreds killed, children kidnapped in raids from South Sudan

New order? China restaurant has robot waiters

Top U.S. diplomat’s motorcade hits, kills boy

NASA shares stunning video

Prince George steals the show with cheeky grin in four-generation photo shoot

Can you see what’s in this painting? It’s taking people a while to spot it

Did Harry Styles beg Kendall Jenner to go public with their romance?

Star Wars fans furious at The Force Awakens DVD release in the UK

Did NASA cut their ISS live cam after a horseshoe UFO appeared on the feed?

Bizarre footage shows ex-porn star suspended by body piercings

Jose Mourinho to manage England

Don’t let Rashford end up as collateral damage at Manchester United

Tottenham U21s 2-3 Manchester United U21s: Red Devils champions again

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