‘Sacked’ Ruto Pilot Gets His Job Back, Now Working for Ruto’s Buddy

April 20, 2016

Kenyan elite feel a particular connection to impunity. Time and again they put extra effort to break the law, piss of commoners or simply throw morals out of the window.
Two months ago, helicopter pilot Alistair Patrick Llewelyn was captured on camera bullying a police officer in Nyandarua. There was a lot of fuss culminating with his arrest and sack.
Kwae Island Development Limited, the company that operated the chopper released a press statement stating that they had terminated the services of Mr. Alistair.
Nobody followed up on that, and it now seems that was just a PR stunt. Alistair is still working for KIDL, and piloting the same chopper registration number 5Y-DSN.
What more is that it is in fact one of the Deputy President’s close buddies, lawyer Donald Kipkorir who brought this to light.
The flamboyant lawyer was having a reunion with campus classmates in Naivasha over the weekend, and he was happy to pose with Mr. Alistair whom he referred to as ‘his pilot’

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