Octopizzo Introduces and Celebrates his Brother and Pretty Sisters (PHOTO)

April 26, 2016

It is often said that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. One guy who understands the value of family is rapper Octopizzo.
The ‘Prezidential’ rapper celebrated his birthday recently and he chose to spend it with his siblings. Many are familiar with the rapper’s nuclear family, whom he celebrates every so often, but few knew about his brother and two sisters.
Taking to socto3cial media, he introduced them and celebrated them for their support in his music success.
He wrote;
“Spent my Birthday with my Daughter,Brother & Sisters Celebrating our Parents,Birthdays should never be abt us but abt those who brought us to this world. I look at my Sisters & I see my Mum,I like at my Brother & I see my Dad,when I look at my Daughters & Sons I see Myself My Mum & My Dad in One room.
My Family keep me going every second & celebrating our Parents on my Birthday just made me thank God for my Siblings & Family.
RIP Samson & Millicent”
Check them out:

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