INSPIRATIONAL: Brave Muslim Man Performs Lunch Time Prayer Publicly After Being Stuck in Traffic (PHOTOS)

April 7, 2016

A brave muslim man has inspired Kenyans of all walks of life, and especially fellow muslims, after photos of him performing a lunch time prayer in public went viral on social media.
The unidentified man was captured on camera near Ole Sereni performing the Dhuhr prayer also known as the noon prayer. According to a Facebook user, Abdullahi Musa-who shared the inspiring photos, the man was stuck in traffic when he alighted from his car to pray. He also says it was raining and the man inspired courage in other muslims to step out of their vehicles and pray.
He wrote: “Yesterday Dhuhur time while I was stuck in jam near Olesereni and despite raining this brother of mine whom I don’t know him in person got out of his car and performed Dhuhur prayer. It gave courage the Muslims who were on the road to come out of their cars and perform Lunchtime pray. Allah’Akbar!”
The incident was seen a step in the right direction towards reviving the practise that has since dwindled down because of perceived fear.
Here are the photos. His faith is truly admirable!
Dhuhur prayer2
Dhuhur prayer1
Dhuhur prayer3
Dhuhur prayer4
Dhuhur prayer5

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