Hilarious!! Sarcastic Reactions to KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua From Kenyan Twitter

April 29, 2016

ezeIf there is one Kenyan man who is causing Kenyans a lot of sleepless nights, it has to be Ezekiel Mutua. Even NACADA boss John Mututho was not this stringent when he came up with the infamous Mututho laws. Atleast he had our own good in mind.
Ezekiel Mutua, is on another level altogether. The KFCB CEO is now targeting witch doctors, traditional healers and herbalists regarding advertising unlicensed material. In addition to that, Ezekiel Mutua said on Thursday in an interview with Nation FM, that the board had reached an MoU with google to have some sites blocked on phones and iPads.

It did not take long before Kenyans on twitter responded. Ezekiel Mutua was trending for the better part of Thursday as Kenyan twitteratti ran amok with sarcastic scenarios that will soon be banned by ‘Mr.Morals.’
Check them out:

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