GUTTER PRESS!! Mike Sonko Responds to Claims of Having a Secret Family

April 19, 2016

sonko3Last week, the rumor mill was rife with reports that Nairobi senator Mike Sonko was the newest high profile dad in town. According to a report by a local daily, the flamboyant senator has a secret family after a photo of himself and the woman believed to be his 2nd wife holding a newborn, surfaced online.
The Nairobian reported that the two have been romantically involved since 2011. The woman is also said to be the daughter of an affluent Central Kenya politician.
Responding to the claims, Mike Sonko brushed it off as gutter press. He also revealed that he was contemplating filing a lawsuit against the paper.
He wrote on Facebook: “Hizi gutter press ziko na maneno. Sijui niwasue juu hii ni doo mingi sana alafu nipeleke doo kwa childrens home. Ati Sonko’s secret family. So what..”

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