Good Thinking: This Simple Plan Kenya Power Will Cut Transformer Vandalism by 100%

April 29, 2016

kpIt sounds so simple that it is stupid no one had thought of this.
Theft of transformer oil and vandalism of parts is a big headache to Kenya Power and is the cause of many blackouts around the country. The siphoning mostly happens late at night, and though a few thieves have been electrocuted in the process, majority escape unharmed.
So what brilliant idea has Kenya Power come up with?
Well, placing the transformers above the live wire. Currently, the transformers are fixed below the wires, meaning they are literally unprotected from thieves.
“We are trying to secure the transformers by placing them above live wires where vandals cannot access them,” Kenya Power security chief Geoffrey Kigen was quoted by the Nation.
By reversing the order, I doubt anyone will dare climb up there.
If this is implemented countrywide, you can bet siphoning of transformer oil will be a thing of the past.

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