Forget Project X, this ‘Atheists Party’ Set to Go Down this Weekend is the Talk of the Town

April 29, 2016

atheWeeks after a group of Kenyan atheists were officially registered as a society under the society rules of Kenyan Law, the organization is now throwing a party like no other this weekend.
The organization, Atheists In Kenya, will on Saturday 30th April host the party dubbed ‘The Atheists Party’ at the Gravity Lounge on Kimathi Street, Nairobi. Besides celebrating their recent registration as a legal society, members will meet to socialize, discuss and also welcome new members into the fold of non-believers.
From a poster released by the group, the party’s theme is ‘Without God.’ Doors open from 5.00 pm, entry is free and you can bring your own booze.
Through their website, they state:
“We are not affiliated with any political party, and we accept any person as member, who declare themselves atheist and non-religious, provided that he is a Kenyan Citizen (18 years and above).
We are the only Atheist Society in Kenya! We are also the most vibrant atheist society in Africa. We want you to join us, and become a part of the transformation that we seek in Kenya.”

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