15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Luhya

April 1, 2016

1. A Luhya was the first E.African to win the UEFA CL – Mariga.
2. A Luhya Is the first and only E.African to play and score in the English Premier League – Wanyama.
3. A Luhya is currently the highest “Try and Point” scorer from Africa in the 7 aside Rugby – Collins Injera (191 tries, 967 pts).
4. A Luhya is arguably Kenyas most celebrated footballer – Joe Kadenge.
5. A Luhya is the eternal head of COTU, yeah ETERNAL – Franco Atwoli.
6. A Luhya is the Eternal head of CECAFA, yeah ETERNAL – Nick Musonye.
7. A Luhya Boys Band is currently the best in Africa – Sauti Sol
8. Luhya is the only tribe in Kenya that has transcended the tribal barrier and gone interracial, with even Indians falling prey to ourwit and charm (Remember My Bukusu darling).
9. Luhyas are the best cricket players in our young cricket history – The Tikolo brothers.
10. A Luhya was Kenyas most successful boxer – Robert Wangila
11. Luhya artists are some of the finest, well….Nonini, Collo, Calvo Mistari, Ameleena, Kristophe, Ulopa Ngoma, Papa Shirandula, Gloria Muliro etc.
13. A Luhya was among the 5 who wrote our National Anthem – Peter Kibukosya.
14. Luhya women are Loyal, come riches or poverty, she’ll stick with you.
15. Luhyas Love what they do, no wonder our illicit brew, Chang’aa and Busaa, although illegal, don’t kill if consumed responsibly.

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