seve4In less than week, Seve Gat’s, a humble Meru lady has become a celebrity of sorts after her photoshop photos went viral. At the moment, she has over 8,000 followers on Facebook.
What was only a dream of visiting China turned true when good samaritans decided to sponsor her trip.
As it turns out, she has become so famous that she is now experiencing a problem only celebrities and public figures experience, impostors.
Earlier this week, she hit out at the impostors urging her fans to ignore them.
“Hi my Facebook friends. I have noticed somebody has opened a fake similar account with my names. Kindly ignore any other Photoshop picture apart from what i shared. My official Facebook account is Seve Gat’s and not Seve Gats. Notice the difference ( ‘ ). Thanks to all my face book Freds for your support. After i was awarded the trip to China, someone else has opened a similar account with my names”