Prominent County Clerk Linked to Gun Attack on Rapper Calvo Mistari

March 11, 2016

jim kaumaLate last month, rapper Calvo Mistari escaped death by a whisker when two armed robbers attacked him at his residence. 
In the attack, in which Calvo is said to have fought off the thugs, the gunmen dropped their guns, one of which is now being linked to Embu County clerk, Jim Kauma.
According to reports, days after the heist, the gunmen called Calvo Mistari begging him to give them back their guns. A shaken Calvo was forced to go into hiding claiming that his life was in danger and it was during this time that he surrendered the gun he had confiscated from the thieves to the police.
The main suspect in the case, Frank Matuta and brother in law to the clerk, told the police that the gun belonged to the politician.
Jim Kauma was earlier in the week summoned and questioned by the CID. He denied the allegations, saying he does not own a firearm.
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