‘Kenya’s Got Talent’: Churchill Show’s Wagithomo Caught Pants Down Conning Kenyans (VIDEO)

March 29, 2016

wagithomoFormer Churchill Show comedian¬†Geoffrey Muikunu, best known as Wagithomo, was on Sunday night exposed to be the conman behind the purpoted ‘Kenya’s Got Talent’ show that has been stealing from Kenyans on social media.
According to banners on Facebook and Whatsapp, the show was scheduled to air on NTV starting next month.
It would feature varied talents, from magicians to musicians. It’s the same format as ‘America’s Got Talent’.
NTV received a call from FremantleMedia, the owners of the ‘Got Talent’ brand internationally.
Wagithomo and his accomplices did not know ‘Got Talent’ is a copyrighted name.
Dennis Okari paid them a visit at their offices accompanied by the police. Watch how that transpired.

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