HILARIOUS: How Schoolmates from Nairobi Used To Intimidate Us in High School

March 29, 2016

PHOTO - EdwinKuria.wordpress.com
PHOTO – EdwinKuria.wordpress.com

Just remembered…
Wale wasee walikuwa wanatoka Nai high school nataka tu mniambie mbona mlikuwa mnatutisha hivyo……….?
If you went to a boarding high school then you ought to know that there was this special category of Nairobians (those who resided from Nairobi). These particular people were considered the most civilized and consulted about many things.. Coming from Nairobi was a big deal.
Hawa ndio watu walikuwa wanakuja na insyder shule….
Do you remember Insyder magazines? If yes then you know what owning an one meant.. Yes those’watu wa Nai’ always had the latest edition and would be really worshiped just to have a glimpse of the Insyder.. Hao ndio walikuwa wanajua trends.. Yes, trending clothes,hair styles… They introduced new stuff like mohawk, mara sijui arafats, digaga, supraz (back then supraz were considered so stylish). Every opening day they were like ‘Nilihook up na chali ama hubby wa Starch/Patch/Jahmu/Bush/Strath mhot na ako na swag, akanipeleka Java then on 31st Dec akanipeleka Groove Party…. Mara sijui nilikuwa jam session ya Redsan ama sijui Jimwat in F2 (Florida 2000).. Hehe what! These people always watched the latest episodes of soaps…
You know “kwa Dstv Secreto De Amor ishafika mbali.Maria Clara (Scarlet Ortiz).. Eeh yaani hawa watu walikuwa wanatupa baridi..They made Nairobi sound like somewhere in NYC(New York City) or Washington DC.
They knew the most current songs.. “Eeh ile song ya R.Kelly hupendwa kuplayiwa Homeboyz sana”..
Saa hiyo the only frequency inashikika poa kwa hiyo bush yenu ni Mulembe, Musyi, Inooro, Ramogi ama Egesa.. lol
Hawa watu wa Nairobi used to make people feel intimidated and out of place.
The most important part was on closing day when Nairobians were picked by Easy Coach nyinyi wengine mkijifinya kwa hayo magari ya “face me darling aka you look familiar”¬†headed to your interior village.
Wait, was almost forgetting this. Everyone from Nai resided in Westlands, Karen, Lavington or Donholm.. The worst one would mention was Buruburu phase blablabla… Even those from Lower Karen aka Kibera, Kawangware, Dandora, Eastlando, Mathare.. came from these suburbs..
Hebu wale watu wote wa Nairobi back then in high school, hiyo pressure yote ilikuwa ya nini?
Ebu inueni miguu na mikono juu tuwaone
Me i have died

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